I couldn't diet forever. NOR could I be a "foodie" and constantly eat or think about eating and food.  These are too extreme positions when most of us think, talk and feel about food, there is no balance. When dieting you're constantly thinking about food. When eating good and being a foodie, you're thinking about dieting. (But ironically, youstill think about food.) I lost and gained the same 30lbs all my life. In this 1/3 section of my life, losing this last 30 lbs. was horrific.

My conclusion...

Hormones rule. I always knew that, but never accepted it because I couldn't control it. I'm kinda a control freak. Aren't you?

From ages 45-55 y.o., high hormone fluctuations, it's the hardest to keep weight off. What's worse the fat redistributes! Yes,  to areas that were never a problem before. Hello. Remember unless you plan to live to 105, midlife is closer to 39.

Find your diet freedom and create your health liberty rituals now! I needed help with "not eating". The freedom to experiment over time and NOT diet, lead me to a lifestyle and a body I can live with. You can create yours too. It's time you start kicking dieting in the ass! And not diet any more. You may develop another habit, but what the hell. I think it's reducing my harm. You have to decide that yourself.

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My health liberty rituals have helped me:

  • stop with constant eating/grazing
  • stop drinking so much alcohol
  • stop hurting so much in my body
  • start sleeping deeper
  • stop stressing s much
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